Frisco Veterans Walk of Honor

Veterans Memorial History in Frisco Texas

Frisco Veterans Walk of Honor in Commons Park, Frisco, Texas

After WWII, the Frisco Garden Club built a Veterans Memorial to honor the veterans that gave their lives. This memorial consisted of an Urn on a marble platform with a plaque around the base honoring the WWII veterans. This memorial was moved around many locations within the city due to expansion of the city road construction. 

In the early 1990s as the U.S. entered the Gulf War, several families became determined to Support our troops, a far cry from the national attitudes during the Vietnam War. Following the Gulf War, The VFW Post Commander, Carlos Liscano approached Jane Whitledge of the Frisco Garden Club and asked if the club would update the memorial to include Korea, Vietnam and the Gulf War. At this point, the VFW and Frisco Garden Club began to talk about the fact that Frisco never had Memorial Day events. The garden club agreed to purchase additional plaques to update the memorial and Carlos began to plan the first Memorial Day event. It was held on Memorial Day 1996.

The first year it was mostly the Garden Club members and the VFW, with approximately 30 or 40 people present. Carlos furnished the chairs; hence the Memorial Day ceremony had begun, and still is the same today as it was in 1996.  

The Frisco Garden Club is dedicated to continuing to participate in the event. The recent addition of the Blue Star Memorial at the park entrance further shows the club's commitment to this worthy cause.  

In 2004, the Veterans Memorial was built in the Frisco Commons Park, after a bond passed by the citizens of Frisco.  The Urn moved to this current location in front of and between the American and Texas flags. From that time period, the Frisco VFW and Frisco Garden Club have held a Memorial Day event to honor all veterans on Memorial Day.  

The previous Mayor Michael Simpson truly took the ceremony to a new level with the Rotary Flags and the flyovers when the memorial Urn was moved to the new Veterans Memorial plaza in Frisco Commons Park. 

 Since then, the current Mayor Maher Maso has also been a strong proponent of the event. Local Boy Scouts, Frisco Chorale, Frisco Community Band, the Civil Air Patrol Cadets, the Rotary Club and FISD have all been active in providing volunteer support to the event each year.  

Since then Lee Myrben of the VFW was successful in obtaining a Huey Helicopter to land at the 2011 Memorial Day event.  He is also coordinating efforts to raise money for improved lighting and a Brick Project for Veterans Walk of Honor at the veterans Memorial plaza.  

At each Memorial Day, the Frisco VFW and Frisco Garden Club honor our veterans by placing a wreath at the base of the Urn. Each year since 2004, an estimate of 500 citizens have attend this event each year. 

It is expected that the Phase 1 construction of the Veterans Walk of Honor will begin in 2014. With this expansion of the current Veterans Memorial, the Memorial Day event will   acknowledge the bricks placed there to honor our veterans.



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